Does True Love Win?


Your life
Is your story
Written in moments
So love might win
In your story
And might not
In the stories of others
All we could do is love
In the right way
The way which
Does not frighten
The one you love
Which keeps them free and
Let them be better
Versions of themselves
You do not need to
Expect it to win
So just truly love
And wait
And remember
That you could always be
A fairytale-ending
To someone’s love story
Be that ending
Even if your love
Doesn’t win…


Heart Turned Stone


What could I do
With a heart
Turned stone?
Should I use it
To smash things
Or rub it
To start a fire
Decorate it with colors
To make it an art?

Maybe I will
Just let moss
Grow over it
To let it get
Some form of life

The magical world of introverts

You might relate to this if you are like us

Her Happy Backpack

Shyness and introversion are two separate concepts. Shy people could likely be introverts, but introverts may not necessarily be shy.

Introverts are truly magical creatures, more like shapeshifters.

Introverts can sit in a crowd and go unnoticed. They can silently zone-out in a crowd and suddenly come up with a creative solution/idea that literally shocks and mutes the whole chatty crowd. They can be in their best element when they’re doing something that they’re passionate about, mostly because they have this silent confidence in their own abilities.

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