The road taken

So many roads

But I chose the one

That lead me home


My daily NIGHT SKINCARE Routine

love your skin and it will love you back

All Things Irene Amo

Growing up, I was never really very conscious or “concerned” about my skin because I never had a bad skin or acne problem. It was in 2014 when I had malaria and my skin started breaking out due to the impending fever I assume. 22 years of my life I never had a single pimple on my face, and to suddenly have an outburst of pimples all over my face was a horrid nightmare!

The pimples reduced when I was under treatment for malaria, but once the medication stopped all the pimples were right back on my face! I visited a lot of dermatologist and skin specialist who helped me, a bit I guess, but once I stopped a certain medication I was back to square one. So, I stopped the medication and doctor visits and let my skin be as it is. Though they helped improve my skin but…

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