Desire and Discipline

Between desire and discipline

Resides the angel and the devil

Its evil twin


365 Days of December

All Things Irene Amo

I absolutely love Christmas! Not just Christmas but December itself. I always had this connection with this month and the beautiful season. Not because it is the end of the year and we can start a new month, a new life and blah blah blah in January; in fact, no matter how hard we try, as we grow up we realise, we carry our unresolved unsolved problems of the previous years into the new year if we don’t resolve it now. It is FAKE NEWS if you think you can start over from the new year. Deal with your problems now. Make your resolutions now. Don’t wait for a new date and a new year. Like Nike’s tagline “Just do it” – just do it now.

December always had a special place in my heart. I used to always tell people while growing up “If I ever get married, December…

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