The first word a child writes.

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Jenny Graham - abcJenny

advertiser 3The first word a child writes.

The first word a child writes is usually their name. Even though they have been hearing their name since birth and seeing their name in a variety of places, writing their name is a difficult skill to learn.

Practise really does make perfect, with first attempts at name writing usually a circle or line.

Helping your child learn to write their name can begin as soon as your child is scribbling on paper. Write their name at the top of a blank page, remembering to only use a capital letter for the first letter in their name.

name writing

Once your child has progressed from random scribbles to scribbling with circles and lines they will begin to trace over or copy the letters of their name at the top of the page. Don’t be concerned if they scribble over the top of their name, it…

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