Victim of Love



The yearning, the twisting and unfurling of comfort, the desire to be touched every moment of time. The restless recklessness, that raging urge to exploit every bone in you, every bone to its atom. The incessant thoughts consuming my smiles, the quiet contemplating in a corner, that burning fire on my thighs.

The silencing of torments from time bygone. The will to bite into this newfound peace, bite deep.

That mind flip with every sound. The heightened senses, like I’m being felt on every inch and curve of my skin. When every word becomes another reason to resume the desirous gaze upon those alluring lips. The surge in this allure. Oh that surge.
That punishing hunger tugging at my flesh every time I remember that smile. That big smile I’d like to feast on. Exploit.


The bouncing from one leaf to another atop a tall tree, while I watch the winter sky ascend over…

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