“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,but I have pizza to eat, and miles to go before I look fit”


The Forsaken Single Life

All Things Irene Amo

I have never really been single in my life. I usually jump from one relationship to another – which I figured is due to the fear of being alone and my constant need for attention knowing there is someone outside of my family who cares for me and loves me, and I can 24×7 bug him without feeling guilty because he is mine. So sometimes, it didn’t matter if I loved that person or not, I wanted that company.

But the last one and half year I have been living the single life as most normal humans do, I discovered so much about myself.

And mind you, I am not single because I couldn’t find someone. The appropriate question would be – Have you met me? Not, have you seen me? And most of the boys/men who so claimed to like me are basically fully based on how I look…

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My Run Lola Run Dream


For starters, I haven’t even seen this German film. In random scenes yes, never whole. But Lola’s frantic run unknowingly became the subject of my nightmare one night, 2 years ago. My lucid dreaming nightmare. #TrueStory

RunLolaRun_04 new

There I was with a friend (no idea who); we were hiding behind a large, black barricade on the side of the night street, lit scarcely by tinted yellow street lamps that were probably installed a century ago.

My friend and I shifted our puny heads slightly up the barricade to see if the men were coming. The men, who had hazy faces, who’s identity was as good a clue to me as to why I was having this dream in the first place. Men who after a few moments were approaching our way, wearing a garb like villains right out of a KGB novel.

Tarantino-Reservoir_dogs new

My friend and I had no time to think…

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Dancing People Are Never Wrong / The SulaFest Journal

I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right ….

some lyrics love!

In My shoes

This town’s a judgmental place
And I’m unsure in any case
It’s not under my control
They’re taking aim for heart and soul


Not havin’ an opinion at all
Is what is left from doing all that research
Is this the curtain call?
I can only love what feels right
What are all these questions for?
I know I like it but I can’t say more
I know I want it but is it right?
Conclusion’s out of sight
I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right


There ain’t no song
Dancing people are never wrong
And what a shame
I cant blame you for groovin’
You better not stop moving
I wanna’ see you crying on the floor
Thats what people are dancing for



SulaFest happens in the beautiful Sula Vineyards in Nashik. Every February all the lovers of wine, music and sunshine…

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Black Sea Monster




A tempest dissolved, a passion unturned.
Waves nursed themselves back to calm,
as a serenading stillness returned to the night.
Then out came a mighty sound, as she settled into her boat.
The black sea monster rose, with an unflinching poise.
It stayed still and peeked up at her little boat.
She put down her wine glass as she carefully
paused to admire the enormous life form.
A moment of meek silence passed by another.
None spoke, eyes fixated in quietude.


The monster’s eyes showed no signs of monstrosity,
no reflections of devious desires,
no desperate claws hunting for a scent of fear,
no look of dripping hunger to consume her guts.

Was it the very beast that literature had fantasized?
Was it the beast, accused merciless in its endeavors,
slaying men who held harpoons?
Was it the beast whose fangs were said to
tear apart a mariner’s ship in…

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