My Run Lola Run Dream


For starters, I haven’t even seen this German film. In random scenes yes, never whole. But Lola’s frantic run unknowingly became the subject of my nightmare one night, 2 years ago. My lucid dreaming nightmare. #TrueStory

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There I was with a friend (no idea who); we were hiding behind a large, black barricade on the side of the night street, lit scarcely by tinted yellow street lamps that were probably installed a century ago.

My friend and I shifted our puny heads slightly up the barricade to see if the men were coming. The men, who had hazy faces, who’s identity was as good a clue to me as to why I was having this dream in the first place. Men who after a few moments were approaching our way, wearing a garb like villains right out of a KGB novel.

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My friend and I had no time to think…

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Dancing People Are Never Wrong / The SulaFest Journal

I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right ….

some lyrics love!

In My shoes

This town’s a judgmental place
And I’m unsure in any case
It’s not under my control
They’re taking aim for heart and soul


Not havin’ an opinion at all
Is what is left from doing all that research
Is this the curtain call?
I can only love what feels right
What are all these questions for?
I know I like it but I can’t say more
I know I want it but is it right?
Conclusion’s out of sight
I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right


There ain’t no song
Dancing people are never wrong
And what a shame
I cant blame you for groovin’
You better not stop moving
I wanna’ see you crying on the floor
Thats what people are dancing for



SulaFest happens in the beautiful Sula Vineyards in Nashik. Every February all the lovers of wine, music and sunshine…

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Black Sea Monster




A tempest dissolved, a passion unturned.
Waves nursed themselves back to calm,
as a serenading stillness returned to the night.
Then out came a mighty sound, as she settled into her boat.
The black sea monster rose, with an unflinching poise.
It stayed still and peeked up at her little boat.
She put down her wine glass as she carefully
paused to admire the enormous life form.
A moment of meek silence passed by another.
None spoke, eyes fixated in quietude.


The monster’s eyes showed no signs of monstrosity,
no reflections of devious desires,
no desperate claws hunting for a scent of fear,
no look of dripping hunger to consume her guts.

Was it the very beast that literature had fantasized?
Was it the beast, accused merciless in its endeavors,
slaying men who held harpoons?
Was it the beast whose fangs were said to
tear apart a mariner’s ship in…

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like a rolling stone

a heaven for food lovers!

In My shoes

Food has always been one of my constant motivations in life. Ever since i was a little girl, i remember my grandma making some insanely delicious meals for me every time i would visit her for the summer vacations. As i sat there on the table, gobbling down some of the tastiest food i could have ever had, i knew i had to had to had to learn the art to cook. And I’ve not looked back ever since. I love cooking, i love feeding people, some might say i am on a Feed The World Mission, and that kind of comes close to how i feel.

Anyway so i had an impromptu road trip last weekend to Surat which turned into a foodathon where my aim was to taste 24 different things in 24 hours. And that’s what this post is about. This city really surprised me. Its full…

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Somebody else

Do you wanna be somebody else,which could be an evolved you!

In My shoes

We all wanna be somebody else from time to time. Some people dont like their arms, their legs, their hair, their eyes.. the list is endless. Most of the times we dont even know who we want to be we just blindly follow an ideal that has been established in front of us. We follow that ideal and we make it our life. I will be happier if i get a little skinnier, a little fairer, a little funnier. Self growth is very important for self actualization. But when do we start crossing the line? When do we start compromising our real self in order to achieve that perceived ideal self? Well we may never know. Or may be we do but we tend to turn a blind eye towards it as well. because ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong.

Dont ignore that voice in your head. People will call you…

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say what you will before its too late!

In My shoes


Take out of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all your so called problems
Better put them in quotations

Say what you need to say.

Words are the most powerful weapon we have. Scientists hypothesize that the development of complex language was a key to the evolution and advancement of the human race. But are we all using our words in the best way we can?

Words help us communicate. They help us connect. So no matter how your words sound to other people, don’t bother, just say what you need to say.

Words help us to love, to hate, to express. So no matter how difficult it may be to get them out, get them out. Say what you need to say.

But be careful of your words. They can do more harm than good. But if you’re true to your words, let them cause a…

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Raising confidence.


There we stood at Claire’s waiting to pay. Giovanna had decided to get her ears pierced and the cashier was explaining to us where she was going to place the care instructions and store phone number in case we had any questions.


“Do I get holes in my ear mom?” Lea asked.

“Only if you get your ears pierced.” I answered.

“Maybe when you’re older,” said the cashier, “like your big sister!”

“But I don’t want to!” Lea freaked out.

“Lea,” I calmly said, “you don’t have to. If you want to do it, do it; if you don’t want to then don’t. They’re your ears.”

“What a good lesson!” The store manager looked up from her work. “You’re a good mom.”

I smiled, “It’s important to me. I don’t ever want her to feel like she has to do something to please someone and I have to start teaching…

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A Lesson in Patience


Every moment of patience has its reward. We yearn ’cause we burn. We learn ’cause we yearn. And we ascertain as we learn.

A fire caressing through our limbs as we walk, a breeze like a surgeon’s knife across our cheek as we hold our head high. A tickle it leaves behind, tickling away on all our desires. Patience, it plays with us.

With a brave face you march right into the wind cutting your face, is this what testing mettle feels like? That walk of chill consumes you inside of yourself, like rolling your body’s architecture into itself, like a furry squirrel rolling in itself trying to keep its body warm.


This quiet consumes you, wishful thinking trying to copulate itself with rationale.
Our minds always filled by ideas born such. People like us, where do we go? The sound of music playing from the window-pane of a lonely shop…

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A Royal Affair – Movie Review


Some unsaid endeavors,
some unseen favors
A rhythm of terror,
an imperator to mirror
Visions of leisure,
a torturous seizure
Of growing pleasure,
irresistible beyond measure

A static embrace,
meets like colliding solace,
A volatile addiction,
grows with roaring suspicion

An agonized existence,
breaks with wicked persistence
Forgiveness in disguise,
marks the death of the wise

– A poetic review of the Danish film En kongelig affære (A Royal Affair) starring the brilliant pair of Mads Mikkelsen and Alicia Vikander


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Victim of Love



The yearning, the twisting and unfurling of comfort, the desire to be touched every moment of time. The restless recklessness, that raging urge to exploit every bone in you, every bone to its atom. The incessant thoughts consuming my smiles, the quiet contemplating in a corner, that burning fire on my thighs.

The silencing of torments from time bygone. The will to bite into this newfound peace, bite deep.

That mind flip with every sound. The heightened senses, like I’m being felt on every inch and curve of my skin. When every word becomes another reason to resume the desirous gaze upon those alluring lips. The surge in this allure. Oh that surge.
That punishing hunger tugging at my flesh every time I remember that smile. That big smile I’d like to feast on. Exploit.


The bouncing from one leaf to another atop a tall tree, while I watch the winter sky ascend over…

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