why we can not change the past!

Movie: #thetimemachine
Why we can’t change our past?
For we are
the inescapable outcome
Of our multiple choices
We can not change past easily
For we cannot change
The choices we made in past
But we can change the future
By changing our choices
Right now.


The God is one of us. 

Five for fighting

The one 

who is stronger than God, 

is also weak like us,

feels like us, 

and is now 

one of us. 

They become a Prison 

some people

truly love

but they never

get a chance

So they

keep waiting

They become

a house 

without a door

inside which

love stays trapped 


Sometimes you smile…

Sometimes you smile 

After letting 

Someone you love go

Knowing that 

You never deserved 

That someone 

I would.. :D

True love is always unfinished..