The God is one of us. 

Five for fighting

The one 

who is stronger than God, 

is also weak like us,

feels like us, 

and is now 

one of us. 


Sometimes you smile…

Sometimes you smile 

After letting 

Someone you love go

Knowing that 

You never deserved 

That someone 

And he ends up with her face on his canvas

Every time he tries to forget her
He remembers her
a lil more
Every time he tries to fade
the colors of love
He spreads them
a lil more
And he ends up
with her face
on his canvas….


The song and the movie everyone loves #😍

Song: #chasingcars
Movie :#eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind

#quote from the movie #bookofeli GOD is a pure energy and it needs to be protected from the evil. BOOK OF Eli is the story of a blind man in a Godless world, who protects and keeps God safe in him. I don’t believe in the God. I believe in the God, the energy, the power of words that brings out desired emotions in humans.