The choice is ours. 


Green–covered with flowers
Or grey– covered with blood and ashes
It is for us to choose
What type of earth
We will leave
For our children



lyrics in Image : Warrior/Worrier by  #Outlandish
I have no superpowers
I can’t stop the storm
Nor I can stop the rain
Nor I can make those dark clouds go away
But I can be with you
But I can give you my shelter
I can give you my umbrella
And I can make you smile
And I can make you feel good
And make you forget about all of them
So that you can keep moving forward
Because you are that strong.. Always that strong 💪
Stronger than all the anger, grief, guilt, regret, insecurities you bottle up inside you..
My warrior…

why we can not change the past!

Movie: #thetimemachine
Why we can’t change our past?
For we are
the inescapable outcome
Of our multiple choices
We can not change past easily
For we cannot change
The choices we made in past
But we can change the future
By changing our choices
Right now.

And he ends up with her face on his canvas

Every time he tries to forget her
He remembers her
a lil more
Every time he tries to fade
the colors of love
He spreads them
a lil more
And he ends up
with her face
on his canvas….


The song and the movie everyone loves #😍

Song: #chasingcars
Movie :#eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind