Ophelia – The tale of tungarli 

In My shoes

What is escapism? The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities by seeking entertainment or by engaging in fantasy. But then again what is reality? Is anything even real? #MrRobotForLyf

If we don’t escape from a place, how will we ever reach another place? So i say, escape. And sometimes the so called real world can get the best of us and in times like those, it is essential that we escape, it is essential we get lost in order to find ourselves.

This weekend i managed to escape the city life, which has started to lose its charm, to a place called tangurli lake/dam. I had no idea what to expect. But i had good company, better weather and the best music so i happily went along, expectationless and lost in my music.


‘Cleopatra’ by The Lumineers has been on repeat since the last few weeks now…

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Power explained 

Power explained by #RagnarLothbrok #thevikings @historytv18 @history

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Song: “before its too late” #lyrics

The line that describes love. My favo line from the lyrics of the song Your Guardian Angel. #madewithstudio

#thecountofmontecristo one of my favorites

From one of my most favorite and one of the most underrated movies #TheFountain.