And he ends up with her face on his canvas

Every time he tries to forget her
He remembers her
a lil more
Every time he tries to fade
the colors of love
He spreads them
a lil more
And he ends up
with her face
on his canvas….


The song and the movie everyone loves #😍

Song: #chasingcars
Movie :#eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind

like a rolling stone

a heaven for food lovers!

In My shoes

Food has always been one of my constant motivations in life. Ever since i was a little girl, i remember my grandma making some insanely delicious meals for me every time i would visit her for the summer vacations. As i sat there on the table, gobbling down some of the tastiest food i could have ever had, i knew i had to had to had to learn the art to cook. And I’ve not looked back ever since. I love cooking, i love feeding people, some might say i am on a Feed The World Mission, and that kind of comes close to how i feel.

Anyway so i had an impromptu road trip last weekend to Surat which turned into a foodathon where my aim was to taste 24 different things in 24 hours. And that’s what this post is about. This city really surprised me. Its full…

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